The Eco-Friendly Phone Case that Gives Back

Join the global movement saying no to wasteful plastic phone cases

A Pela Case will protect your phone while you need it and protect the planet when you’re done. Get yours today and make a difference!

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You can help create a plastic free planet, one case at a time.

Our compostable phone cases and zero-waste screen protector have raised more than $125,000 for our 1% for the Planet partners. In 2019 we want to raise $250,000 to help protect our coastlines, oceans, parks and wild animals. Let's do this #PelaFam!

224,576 People have made the switch, keeping more than 126,320.7 pounds of plastic from being produced.

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#PelaFam Community Photos

We shipped more than 195,000 cases in 2018. These are photos from our community so you can see what the cases look like in the wild!

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